World Wariness

I’m not even sure if the term “World Wariness” is the correct term. It’s the closest thing I’ve come across though to describe this deep, soul crushing sadness at the state of our world and how far humans have come from everything we could be. We are capable of so much compassion and kindness, and yet, that’s not what I see when I look at the world most days. I mostly feel like humans have been a blight to our wonderful planet- a parasite taking until nothing is left but the dried up husks of concrete infrastructure and failed capitalism.

Humans are just basic animals with complex emotion we don’t understand. I think my big problem is I can see what we could be as a society and that everyday we choose greed and capitalism instead. I lose faith in us. Our evolutionary biology dictates we must self-preserve above all else and it kills me. Ironic, eh?

Anyone else fight their basic evolutionary nature, or just me??

There are many things about our basic human nature that seriously astound me. A big one for me, obviously, is the inability of mothers to love non-biological children the same as one they had naturally.

Thinking logically, I understand how and why this was cultivated in us through natural selection. Since the beginning of humankind children with moms were the ones more likely to survive. Through the ages a chemical bond was formed with mother and baby in utero to lesson the likelihood of abandonment and thus strengthening the possibility of the bloodline continuing.

My problem is… Now that we’re capable of understanding this, shouldn’t we be able to overcome the inability to connect with a child not born to us naturally with a little bit of effort and self awareness? Is it not our responsibility to at least try? Think of what we could accomplish with just a little more compassion.

There’s always been a big debate circling around the topic of abortion. I’d rather see a discussion to solve the issue of all the children WHO ARE ALREADY BORN without someone to love them. But I digress.

Because of my own abandonment I have a sick fascination with evolution and natural selection. I’m a forced darwinian, I suppose.

For instance, did you know children are more likely to look like their fathers in their early years because dads are more likely to connect with a child that looks like them and therefore are less likely to abandon it? Crazy.

Ramble on.

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